Hello, I'm Patrick Kuti

A PHP 5.3 Zend Certified Engineer and Red Hat Certified System Administrator who thoroughly enjoys programming, systems administration and operations, whilst trying to master the art of DevOps.

When I'm not working, I'm messing around with Bash, C, HTML(5), PHP, Perl, Python on Fedora and CentOS operating systems.

I've got serious love-hate relationship with all things Japan (but I speak Japanese), and love to karaoke. In my free time I like to get involved in events centred around Japanese culture, and like to create, design and partake in open source software projects. I also love to watch Japanese animation, play games, read books and I'm trying to get myself into Bass Guitar and Photography.

I currently work for TAG WorldWide as a DevOps Engineer, and enjoy the daily challenges it brings.

I have other profiles on-line, and also have a blog.