My First Year with Terraform

I’ve been using Terraform on and off for almost one year and have used the HashiCorp toolkit for longer.

I generally respect and enthusiastically support Hashicorp mainly because they are on the right path when it comes to orchestration more times than never.

Vagrant was my first exposure 5+ years ago with Packer following shortly behind, so picking up Terraform was a natural step.

For those that don’t know, Terraform is, in short, an infrastructure management and orchestration tool. You build your infrastructure as code (or rather pseudo-code) and you have a safe way of building, managing and versioning your infrastructure going forwards. All the way from low-level components such as compute and storage, all the way up to high-level components found in SaaS implementations.

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Simple Tips To Stay Productive and Organized

For a while I’ve been experimenting with different ways to stay productive and organized as a DevOps Engineer, Manager and aspiring Start-Up Founder.

As one would have it, there are many guides, books, tutorials, walk-through’s and even videos around the topic of self organization and productivity.

However, I’ve found a handful of points that have personally helped me stay organized and just that bit more productive over the last few weeks.

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Right Place, Right Time?

People always talk about being in the right place at the right time, as if it’s some magical formulae or something we have no control over. I must admit I use to and still from time to time, think the same way.

But after watching successful people around me and in the world maintain their success and go from height to heights, I’ve had to reconsider this way of thinking, in reality it may be not as magical or out of our control as we believe it to be.

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Gaining Root Access on Vanilla Buffalo LinkStation 421E


It should be noted the Buffalo Linkstation™ ACP Commander GUI used in my blog post is experimental and there’s a chance it could damage your LinkStation™ . The entire documented process below worked fine for me however there is a chance it could not work for you. You have been warned!

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The Heartbleed Bug for Japanese

Heartbleedバグとは世界中のウェブサイトで使われているエンコーディング・テクノロジーに影響を及ぼす深刻なセキュリティの不具合です。これ は、ハッカーがウェブサイト内の暗号化された情報を痕跡を残さずに盗み出すことができるということです。「暗号化された情報」とはユーザーネームやパス ワード、個人情報などを含む安全に保管されているはずの情報です。

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